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Weekly Bible Study Class

Beyond The Bible

Live Virtual Session

Go Beyond The Bible with Uncle Dallas every Wednesday Evening @ 8PM and every Friday Morning @10AM.

Learn the spiritual truth about sacrifice and movement towards fulfilling your purpose in life.

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Weekly Mentoring Session

Spiritual Mentoring Class

Live Virtual Session

Hosted by,
Pastor "Uncle" Dallas

Every Tuesday we delve deeper into the revelation that is the spirit. We learn the truth about who God called us to be. You are the god of your situation and you hold the keys to understanding your spiritual life. Are ready to go beyond church and simple biblical revelations?

Are ready for the truth? Join us every Tuesday at 8:00 pm est. on Zoom.

Weekly Worship Service

Live Virtual Session

Join us every Sunday at 10AM for Sunday Sessions with Uncle Dallas. As he teaches Spirituality, Bible Concepts, and practical application.

Teaching you how to live at a Higher Standard by taking the word of God and applying it to your everyday life.

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Looking for a New Spiritual Life Beyond Religion?

Join the Higher Standards Mentoring Organization with Pastor Dallas.

Unleash the Power of your Spiritual Mind.

The Higher Standards Organization teaches Biblical Application Strategy and Empowerment (BASE) for people who desire more from their spiritual walk.  Helping to create an atmosphere that teaches you how to live beyond church and religion into forming a victorious life.