Higher Standards Organization HSO


Pastor, Higher Standards Organization 

Pastor William Dallas, a veteran with over 30 years in ministry, is the Founder of Higher Standards Organization (HSO). Pastor Dallas teaches an awareness of God’s love for us; through an atmosphere of freedom, delivering the truth about sacrifice and movement towards fulfilling your purpose in life. Pastor Dallas’s gift is teaching, his mantle is prophetic, his strength is the ability to bring people together. Pastor Dallas also affectionately known as “Uncle Dallas” from his 168K+ Tik Tok and Instagram Followers, has a love for God’s people from all walks of life. Being an avid studier of the Bible, he is one of the country’s greatest biblical teachers of spiritual concepts. In the early stages of his ministry, he traveled extensively around the world sharing the BASE concept and is now conducting live streams on social media sharing spiritual revelations and practical applications to every person that he comes across.

A single encounter with Pastor Dallas will change how you view spirituality and church, forever!

Photos of "Uncle Dallas"